Codename wa Sailor V (Codename: Sailor V) is a two-volume manga series by Naoko Takeuchi, considered to be the prequel to her widely popular Sailor Moon series. It stars Minako Aino, an ordinary 13-year-old girl who, with the help of a talking white cat named Artemis, fights evil as Sailor V (later Sailor Venus). The series was largely episodic and could be read as a parody of the magical girl genre. It ran from 1991-1997, and was published by Kodansha Comics.

I was a huge fan of Minako growing up, and always felt that Sailor Moon (especially the anime) did her leadership a disservice. She was the first soldier to have her powers awakened, and later on served as the leader of the inner bishoujo senshi ("pretty soldiers"), but her importance throughout the series was largely eclipsed. Only by reading this prequel can one really appreciate the full range of her character.


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